Tesla Powerwall 2 Vs Powerwall 3 – What’s new?

 In July 2023, Naked Solar, along with 6 other Tesla Premium Certified Installers from across the UK were invited to Tesla’s secret summit to get a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Powerwall 3.

Tesla’s Head of Residential Energy Products came over from California and cleverly spent the morning asking for ideas of how Powerwall could be improved.  Thanks to the experience of all the Powerwall installers in the room, the list of requests was extensive.

After lunch, Tesla revealed Powerwall 3 to us all….and they had solved the entire list of requests!  A great product that will help battery customers and installers alike.


With the Powerwall 3 being released to the market on 18th June 2024, we analyse the key differences that set the Powerwall 3 apart from the Powerwall 2. 

Let’s start with a quick comparison before we go in to more detail:

Feature Powerwall 2 Powerwall 3
1. Storage Capacity  13.5kWh 13.5kWh
2. Output Power 3.68kW or 5kW 3.68kW – 11.5kw
3. Dimensions (L X W X D mm) 1150 x 753 x 147 1098 x 609 x 193
4. Integrated Solar Inverter No  Yes (with 3 x MPPT)
5. AC/DC Coupled AC DC or AC
6. Round trip efficiency 90% 97%
7. Backup Compulsory Optional 
8. Warranty 10 years 10 years


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What does all that mean?


1. Storage capacity – no change because it’s plenty for most situations

Powerwall has always been a leader in capacity very few other battery manufacturers offer such a high kWh capacity as standard.  It helps keep the £/kWh of the installation down and if you need more you can add further units to increase your capacity, which may appeal to those who have larger needs or want to take advantage of Grid Trading opportunities.


2. Output power – huge increase in power and perfect flexibility

The boost to 11.5kW enables powering of high load items like EV chargers, electric showers and heat pumps, meaning you can make more use of your stored energy, increasing your independence from the grid even further.

Take a 7kW Shower for example. With the Powerwall 2’s 5kW output capability, you’d still need an extra 2kW of grid powered energy to power your shower. With Powerwall 3’s bolstered output capability you’re good to go it alone with the energy you’ve stored.

National Grid restrictions can limit the power output of solar and batteries. This varies from one grid connection to the next.  Powerwall 3’s unique flexibility to set the power output  means you’ll be able to maximise your grid connection’s allowance.

How do I know what my grid connection restriction is?  Naked Solar will apply to your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) on your behalf and advise accordingly on your options – Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help


3. Dimensions – where will it fit? 

With broadly similar dimensions there is no real change here, just 4cm deeper means Powerwall 3 can be conveniently installed without intruding into your room too much.

Lithium batteries operate best around room temperature so keeping it indoors will ensure maximum efficiency.  Lofts are a no go as they get very hot, which will reduce efficiency and component life + at 130Kg, we’ve little chance of getting it up there in the first place!



As a top UK installer of the Tesla Powerwall we look foward to delivering more energy independence across the South West with the Powerwall 3!


4. Integrated Solar Inverter – Just Add Panels  

The biggest development in the Powerwall 3 is an integrated Solar Inverter (hybrid inverter), which is expected to have 3 separate solar inputs (MPPTs).

This shift means that the solar and battery share the same inverter, meaning all you need to do is select your preferred panels and you’re ready to start generating your own clean, green energy – Simple!  

The 3 MPPTs support installations with varying pitches and orientations, great for complex roofs with multiple aspects.




How does this affect price?

Tesla’s mission statement is to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy” – and this isn’t just a strapline. Even in the face of high demand for battery storage, Tesla continue to drive down prices in a bid to bring market-leading technology within reach of more people.

By integrating a Solar Inverter into the battery, Powerwall 3 will drive down the price of a new Solar PV system as you won’t need to buy a separate Solar Inverter to go alongside the Battery. 

Naked Solar’s standard Powerwall Installation price is £9,489. If you’d like a quote, click here and we’d be delighted to help.


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5. AC or DC Coupled – Improved flexibility 

This feature means a shift from being an AC-Coupled system present with the Powerwall 2 to a DC-Coupled system (there’s a full explanation of AC Coupled vs DC Coupled on our ‘6 Watts of Solar Storage’ page).  This will help many customers make more of their available grid allowance while also giving customers the choice of having a separate Solar Inverter, ideal if you want to add Powerwall to your existing PV system.


6. Round trip efficiency

Removing the number of conversions between AC and DC electricity, the Powerwall 3 boasts a groundbreaking increase in efficiency from 90% to 97%, more than any other battery on the market, resulting in more useable energy for your home.


7. Power Backup

While Powerwall 2 comes with the Backup Gateway as standard, Tesla has future plans to make Powerwall 3 available with the backup gateway as an option for those on a smaller budget, although we’re not sure how soon this will be introduced. We’ll update you when we get more information on this feature.

 Powerwall 3’s higher power rating also means more appliances will still be available to you in a backup situation – giving you freedom to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ while your neighbours dig out their candles.   



8.  Warranty – 10 Years

No change there either, we don’t have details yet but hope Tesla will keep the 80% capacity after 10 years promise as this is another market leader for them.

Tesla Powerwall 3 – Quick Overview 

  • Intergrated hybrid inverter in the battery
  • DC coupled system boasts a round trip efficiency of 97.5%
  • Increase power output to meet demand of higher load requirements 
  • Backup capabilities optional in the event of power outages 
  • Full system monitoring and analysis is available via the Tesla App


Powerwall 2 Vs Powerwall 3 – Which is right for me?

With energy costs on the rise and a groundbreaking VAT relief on Solar Batteries in place, it’s a great time to benefit from battery storage. Use this handy flow chart to find your perfect Powerwall:


If you think Powerwall 2 is the one for you then get in touch today and we’ll help with any questions and get a full quote to meet your needs.

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