FIT did it!  Thanks to the government introducing the Feed in Tariff in 2010, the resulting stimulation in the Solar market means that Solar PV installations are now a quarter of the price they were in 2010.  This means that Solar PV installations are viable with no subsidy necessary so the scheme was finally finished in March 2019.

Feed in Tariff was introduced in April 2010 to offer payments for the energy that Solar PV systems generated.  It’s purpose was to drive the industry to bring the cost of Solar PV installations down.  A victim of it’s own success the government had to accelerate the rate at which the subsidy was reduced.

After being available to new installations, the Feed In tariff finished at the end of March 2019.  The question remains, why does the well established Oil industry still need subsidy when a new industry like Solar can stand on it’s own two feet without being propped up by the tax payer?