SolarEdge Inverters & Optimisers: Upgrade Your Solar PV System


Many Solar PV owners may benefit by upgrading to a SolarEdge inverter system. The points below will help you get a better understanding of how it could help you…

Introduction to the benefits of SolarEdge

Why Upgrade to SolarEdge?

Find & fix faults

If your solar panels are underperforming or faulty in some way, you should consider upgrading to a SolarEdge system. Shading on the panels, for example, can have a major impact on system performance, while a panel failure can be difficult to identify and harder to replace as panel technology moves on.

With SolarEdge, you can identify problems early and mix and match panels giving you freedom to replace easily. Most inverters won’t let you do this.



Increase FIT revenue

If you get Feed in Tariff payments, upgrading to a new inverter with increased efficiency such as the SolarEdge HD Wave inverter, you could boost solar energy production, which in turn will increase the amount of Feed In Tariff (FIT) you receive.

Using PV Sol software we’ll be able to accurately calculate the increase, helping you make an informed choice.

Automatic Monitoring

The cloud based SolarEdge platform provides real-time enhanced PV performance and yield monitoring through immediate fault detection identifying exactly where the problem is. Naked Solar will be alerted automatically to any faults on your PV system, probably before you realise there’s an issue.

Check out our live example to see how easy it is to use the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

Password: nakedsolar1

Longer Warranty

SolarEdge inverters come with a 12 year warranty as standard, while their optimisers come with a 25 year warranty. Most string inverters will only offer you a 5 – 10 year warranty. One of the many reasons why we highly recommend SolarEdge products.

Battery Ready

Adding a battery to your solar energy set up is a pretty straightforward job with SolarEdge. With many inverters it can be a complicated upgrade. A battery such as the LG Chem can be easily added to your array meaning you can use more of the green energy you produce.

Enhanced Safety

PV systems are generally safe and advancements have made them even safer. With recent news about building fires that had PV systems installed, homeowners may be interested in enhancing their PV system’s safety. SolarEdge offers the most advanced safety features, such as arc detection and module-level shutdown.


SolarEdge Upgrades from £2500

Depending on your system set up, scaffolding requirements etc the price will vary, but we will always give you a clear, personalised quotation. Contact us now.

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