Why we went naked and hope you will, too

Until April 2017, we were called Cornwall Solar Panels. It served us well. It said what we did and where we came from. But it didn’t really tell people what we believed.

Since we started in 2009, we’ve stuck to some core principles that we hope have served you well:

  1. Always tell you the facts. It’s the only way you can make informed decisions.
  2. Never take commission. It’s the only way we can stay 100% impartial.

Last year, we were named the UK’s Best Solar PV Installer, directly because of this approach in an industry which, to be honest, has had a bit of a trust problem in the past. Inspired, our aim was to power everything, everywhere – your homes, your businesses, your cars – across the nation.

Which sadly meant we’d outgrown our name. We wanted a single word that represented all we believe: energy in its rawest, natural form; catching the rays; helping you live a more independent life, powered by the sun. The only way to keep doing that, was to stay transparent in everything we do, all the time. To provide a solar energy installation service which covered nothing up. So we chose NAKED.

Cornwall Solar Panels Logo
Naked Solar Logo