Meet the team

We have a big, strong team, and it’s growing fast as solar energy reaches a tipping point in the UK. Here are some of the characters that make up Naked…

Tony Sampson

Tony Sampson, MD

Before his solar career, Tony spent nine years in the RAF and seven years as a Royal Mail manager. The journey to where we are today began with a passion for renewables and a desire to work for himself. To make his dream come true, Tony retrained as an electrician, gained on-the-job experience working on building sites, wind turbines and home electrics then started his own electrical business back in 2009. He became accredited for Solar PV installations in December 2010

Tony now employs 30+ staff, has an award-winning business both regionally and nationally and is expanding rapidly. He’s actively pursued his passion for renewables within the community. He sits on the advisory panel for Business Leaders for Low Carbon, is an advisor to the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust and regularly delivers renewable technology presentations to educational establishments, businesses and at a variety of events. In his spare time, Tony enjoys surfing, reading and spending time with his family

I founded Naked because I’ve always been passionate about doing my bit for the planet. While I was a manager with Royal Mail I wanted to find a business to start. It had to be something I could believe in and when I thought of Solar Panels it ticked my green box. That was way back in 2006. I started making plans, retrained as an electrician, left Royal Mail in 2008, picked up some experience in the trade while studying Solar PV in my spare time. I passed my further qualifications to become fully qualified and then accredited in 2010. Since then, Naked Solar, has kept getting stronger, and we now have a great team delivering a service I’m very proud of.

Naked Solar team in Newquay
Shelley Naked Solar Profile

Shelley Sampson

Finance & Growth Director

Having carried out many roles in the company over the years, including book keeping, procurement and Solar PV designer, Shelley is now focused on running the financial team and looking at planning for Naked Solar’s future growth.  Having spent many years working in Oil & Gas recruitment, Shelley is now making amends to help save the planet!

Outside of work Shelley manages the under 13’s rugby team at Newquay Hornets.

T Naked Solar Profile

Andy Thomas

Solar PV Installation Trainer

Otherwise known as ‘T’ for unknown reasons, Andy brings a wealth of building and roofing experience to the team from years of site work. We are now pleased to help him progress his career as he helps the next generation of Solar Installers get trained. He’s also fluent in French after living there for several years. When he’s not working he can be found playing golf, distance running or on his allotment, probably growing leeks and daffodils. (He’s Welsh, you see.)

Beau Naked Solar Profile

Beau Lonergan-Bowe

Lead Electrician

After spending 3/4 years training as an electrical apprentice, Beau became fully qualified at the start of 2018 and joined the Naked Solar team in 2019. Beau came to us with an aspiration to promote renewable energy and contribute to the effort of saving the planet by installing renewable energy systems that greatly reduce the Co2 footprint. When not helping to save the planet Beau can often be found on the golf course or travelling across the world in a bid to see everything life has to offer.

Kyle Naked Solar Profile

Kyle Edwards

Installation & Maintenance Manager

After putting in hard graft on the installation team for a couple of years Kyle showed he’s got the aptitude and attitude to go further. Taking on managing the installation team in the summer of 2017, Kyle took to the role like a duck to water and is certainly one to watch for the future. Recently married and with a young family, Kyle is a sharp and focused individual, a very safe pair of hands with a no-nonsense approach to ensuring that every install is up to our very high standards.

Dom Naked Solar Profile

Dom Arquati

Installation & Maintenance Team

As well as being a fanatical fisherman, Dom has some great skills in the kitchen too as he’s spent several years as a chef. He moved over to more sociable hours and learnt all there is to know about the Solar industry. Starting on the roof, Dom gained some great skills over the years, and has now joined the office team, helping to ensure all our Installations go to plan. If he’s not working or fishing then he’s usually cracking a joke to keep the team in good spirits.

Will Naked Solar Profile

Will Wagstaffe

Operations Director

Starting in Naked Solar as a Solar PV designer, Will has excelled and now heads up the delivery side of the business overseeing Installations & Maintenance, Procurement and the Solar Design team. Outside of work Will enjoys rugby, skiing, cricket and of course surfing. He’s also a talented Karaoke singer as we found out in Portugal!

Joe Williams

Solar Consultant

Joe moved to Cornwall in 2010 to undertake a B(sc) in Environmental Management (and maybe surf!). It was here that he gained an interest in renewable energy, understanding how important the sector would become in years to come. He spent the last 4 years in the Royal Navy, working as a meteorologist (weatherman), where he was lucky enough to do lots of travelling and rum drinking! During his last year in the full time Naval service he started working for Naked Solar, where he has undertaken several roles and is now known by the name of ‘’master of all trades…..’’.

Joe has now relocated to Bristol – watch this space

Joe Naked Solar Profile

Sam Hallworth

Commercial Solar Consultant

Sam loves spending time with his family of two small boys playing on surfboards and skateboards, (yes a 48 year old skater with the aches and pains to prove it!).

At 19 years old he left his career in ice cream sales and started in technical equipment sales, spanning industrial processing equipment in his early years and for the past 20 years in telecommunications, Wi-Fi and smart hotel TV systems.

Sam has been keeping an eye on the renewables sector for some time now and was aware of Naked Solar, our ethics and the great work we do, as well as a reputation for being great to work for. “There is a really good match between my personal sales principles and Naked Solars’ values and that’s what makes this work well.”


Beccy Michael


Beccy has been working in accounts for the last 13 years. She decided to join Naked as she wanted a better work life balance and wanted to work for a company that was doing good things for our planet. Beccy loves animals and, nature and has been a vegan for 2 years. You might find her playing football for Wadebridge, on her new SUP board or walking her Jack Russell Daisy.


Hannah Brindley

Customer Service

Having grown up by the sea, Hannah has a huge passion for the ocean and our natural world, she also studied marine and natural history photography at university, so spends a lot of her time taking photographs of our wild earth.

Hannah absolutely love plants and describes herself as a bit of a crazy plant mum. She’s now also mum to our resident worms who are now happily munching on all the Naked Solar Office left over food!

Hannah has worked in hospitality for many years , but decided to take a career change as her end goal has always been to work in a job where she is doing her bit to help the planet and creating difference to the environment and our future.


Florence Tebbutt

Design Team Leader

Florence studied environmental sciences in university and became interested in renewable energies and how they help towards climate change. Working for Naked was the perfect fit for her.

In her spare time she runs her own online shop which sells wooden notebooks where she handmakes the paper and design the covers.


Zach Grayling

Solar Installer

After spending many years as a carer, Zach decided to take the leap and change his career from helping people to helping the environment, something he is passionate about. In his spare time you’ll find Zach volunteering as a lifeguard for the RNLI, something he  has done for many years or surfing.


Kieran Somerfield

Solar Consultant

After working sales in Industries that take from the earth, Kieran was finally happy to have the chance to work for a company that give back! Renewables are the only way forward and after seeing the ethos of Naked solar he couldn’t wait to start helping people begin their solar journey .


Working with this great team means he gets to indulge his passions of surfing, skating and biking even more.


Jacob Wheeler

Installation Coordinator

Jacob has had a very varied and exciting work past. From Canada to New Zealand and many countries in between. His most recent role was running operations for a boutique beach club in Greece.

After seeing the effect we have on the planet – including his own flights – Jacob wanted to be contributing in a positive manner to the world and help become part of the solution.

In his spare time Jacob enjoys playing musical instruments, train running, sea swimming and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


Tim Holbrook

Training Manager

Tim has worked in the health & fitness industry since leaving school at 18 and is passionate about all things health and fitness and looking after people’s health and have always been interested in helping people. For the last couple of years he has been looking at finding a role that continues to allow him to help people but find something with slightly more sociable hours. Having known some of the team for many years together with a keen interest in the environment and in particular renewable energy, this seemed like the perfect role to utilise all his skills gained in the health & fitness industry to continue to help people.

Tim is now the Training Manager and will be helping every member of the team to reach their full potential, as well as helping new installers into the industry.


His interests outside of work are all things exercise, surfing and enjoying the wonders Cornwall has to offer.


Dan Russell

Solar Installer / Apprentice Electrician

During the first lock down Dan decided on a career change from a chef into the world of electrics. Over the last year Dan completed his Level 2 as an electrical engineer and is to continue his level 3 whilst working with Naked Solar.

Dan starting working with us as a trainee Electrician , showing great workmanship and willing to learn new skills. He now works with the Install team to gain more insight into the job whilst also completing his electrical qualifications.


Jake Phillips

Sales Manager

Having worked within the recruitment sector for 14 years Jake was ready for a new challenge. Passionate about the ocean and looking after/enjoying our beautiful surroundings, working for a company with the strapline ‘Planet Maintenance’ made perfect sense for Jake. He has known Tony for a few years and has always been really impressed by the company ethos and our approach to sustainability. As an added bonus he is able to cycle, skate or walk to work to reduce his own carbon footprint.

When Jakes not working in the Naked office, his hobbies include, surfing, skateboarding, skydiving, sea swimming, biking, and exploring new places.


Tom Dingwall


Tom is a quiet, conscientious member of the team


Chris Brown


Whilst studying for a BSc in Computer Science, Chris was working at The Royal Cornwall Hospital. Coming to Naked Solar gave him the chance to form a career from his degree. Chris has been busy transforming the way we work and has become a integral part of the team.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his daughter, kayaking, hiking, cycling and fishing. He’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and regularly delights the team with pie’s and cakes!


Ben Strathern


Ben joined Naked Solar due to the company having value / an ethos very similar to his own (and being based in Newquay means he can cycle to work!) “Its great to be part of a company that’s trying to make the world more sustainable / greener whilst giving a great service to others”

In his spare time he likes to get out climbing and also dabbles in surfing / drowning.


Kristie Northfield

Solar Consultant

Kristie comes from the grant funded renewables sector, she’s happy to chat about any home energy efficiency improvements or EPC’s as well as Solar. She’s wanted to work with Naked Solar since moving to Newquay from Plymouth several years ago.

After working hours, you can usually find her pottering in her bee orientated garden, catching up on Gardeners World or tending the numerous houseplants slowly taking over the home. A keen Gig-rower and cold water swimmer also, the sea is a big part of her life.


Joanna Foster

Admin Support

After 20 years working for a well known Chocolate manufacturer in the landlocked Midlands, Jo always had a dream that included the Ocean, environment and hopes of living more sustainably along with a better work life balance. Fast forward 5 years and mission complete!


Harry Baker


Harry joined Naked Solar as one of the first graduates of the Planet Maintenance Academy. The skills gained after a spell in the Royal Army, gave him the perfect work ethic to get stuck in and learn all there is to know about installing solar.


Charlie Backwell



Peter Comer

Installation & Maintenance Coordinator

Pete’s always had an interest in the environment but became more aware of his own impact on the planet when living in the French Alps.  “Watching Glaciers retreat year on year its hard not to pay attention to what you’re doing to contribute”

When he moved to Cornwall in 2019 with his partner and dog he wanted to make some changes for the better and try to become part of the solution.

Pete first spoke to Naked Solar as a customer.  He was obviously impressed with Naked, as 12 months he’d left his old job travelling far too many miles in IT sales, to join Naked, a local sustainable company who he felt walked the walk when it comes to the environment.

He’s also achieved a much better work life balance through Naked’s flexible working hours and so can now be found most evenings either at the skatepark or the beach.


Sam Ridler

Sales Manager

Sam began his early career teaching Sailing and Windsurfing all over the world, before moving onto Account Management within the fast-moving consumer goods sector, where he worked for 9 years. He moved down to Cornwall in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. His love for the ocean, climbing mountains and the great outdoors, has developed a desire to want to protect his playgrounds. Ready for a new challenge and impressed with Naked Solar’s approach to protecting the planet, he simply had to get involved. Sam has two young boys and loves showing them what the world has to offer!


Holly Parkinson

Customer Services

Having worked in the care sector for many years Holly decided it was time for a change. Working at Naked Solar gives her the best work-life balance allowing her to go and explore all over Cornwall and enjoy what it has to offer. Holly is a lover of nature and being outdoors, wherever there is a sunset she is  there with her camera.

Being a lover of the outdoors and the planet, it just made sense to Holly to join the Naked Solar team and do her bit so everyone for generations to come can enjoy the planet we all share.


Rhys Boatman



Matthew Clarke

Pre Install Site Surveyor

Matthew is a keen surfer and loves joining the team on their pre work surf adventures. When he’s not driving around the South West and meeting customers, he loves spending time with his kids and exploring the countryside in his campervan.


Carlos Enrique

Solar PV Installer


Gary Allen

Solar PV Installer


Jack Neale

Solar Consultant


Tom Owen

Solar PV Installer


Neil Allan


Neil has a background in customer service and sales in the banking sector, but he decided to change direction in 2010 and qualified as an electrician. After 12 years of being self-employed he was keen to become part of the team and learn more about the solar industry.

When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his family, playing badminton, painting miniatures, reading and films.


Peter Blackburn

Solar Consultant

Pete was looking for the entrance to TR7 skatepark when he accidently stumbled into the interview room at Naked Solar. New to the world of renewables but having spent the last 10 years surfing around Cornwall and the world it was time to ride a wave of change. Pete’s loving the work life balance that the job brings such as early morning surfs with like minded members of the team. He’s passionate about protecting the natural world and would love to help you turn your property into an eco-home.


Amy Nettley

Improvements Manager

Environmental endeavours are in Amy’s DNA. She’s spent most of her life committed to mitigating the impacts of climate change; with an MSc and PhD in Climate Science to prove it. She was the Operations Manager for another Cornish solar company before joining Naked, so she understands the details required to ensure jobs run smoothly.

Before that she ran a pioneering environment programme for one of the most world’s largest Family Offices, and has also worked as a Consultant in the environmental and international development sectors. Amy tries to spend her weekends surfing and kitesurfing, but is often found taking cold dips in tidal sea pools with her chocolate labrador, Ludo.


Aaron Cox

Marketing Assistant

Aaron joins the team as our first full time Marketing employee. After spending nearly a decade since graduating University in various marketing roles, Aaron loves combining his passion for marketing with helping contirbute to a more sustinable planet.

Outside of work Aaron enjoys sports and spending time with his family.


Robert Clarke

Stock Controller

Having made his way down from Oxfordshire where he spent a decade in warehousing for the automotive industry, Robert was looking for something different in life! And the coast of Newquay seemed like a great idea.

Robert no longer wanted to work in an industry that was part of the problem and wanted to work for the solution.


Esme Homer

Accounts Assistant

Esme made the career change from hospitality to accounting 5 years ago so she could stay in Cornwall where she grew up but with a better work/life balance. She joined Naked as she was looking to move to a company that was doing its bit for the planet after several years of working in PR.

When her head’s not stuck in a spreadsheet, you’ll find Esme in the kitchen or out and about with her dog Harley enjoying the coast paths and beaches on her doorstep.


Matt Dalley

Solar PV Designer


Dominik Sliwa

Solar PV Consultant

Our 50th Employee!


Dave Isaac

Solar PV Electrician

Having been a dedicated and hardworking Electrician for 20 years, Dave was attracted to joining the Naked team as he’s passionate about doing his bit for the planet in this era of climate change.

When hes not busy saving the planet, Dave is a keen Footballer and also loves spending time with his family.


Sarah Reynolds

Solar PV Installer


Martin Darby

Solar PV Electrician


Gary Woodward

Solar PV Electrician


Paul Johsnon

Hub Manager