Meet the team

We have a big, strong team, and it’s growing fast as solar energy reaches a tipping point in the UK. Here are some of the characters that make up Naked…

Winner Solar PV Installer - National Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Awards
Tony Sampson

Tony Sampson, MD

Before his solar career, Tony spent nine years in the RAF and seven years as a Royal Mail manager. The journey to where we are today began with a passion for renewables and a desire to work for himself. To make his dream come true, Tony retrained as an electrician, gained on-the-job experience working on building sites, wind turbines and home electrics then started his own electrical business back in 2009. He became accredited for Solar PV installations in December 2010

Tony now employs 10 staff, has an award-winning business both regionally and nationally and is expanding rapidly. He’s actively pursued his passion for renewables within the community. He sits on the advisory panel for Business Leaders for Low Carbon, is an advisor to the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust and regularly delivers renewable technology presentations to educational establishments, businesses and at a variety of events. In his spare time, Tony enjoys surfing, reading and spending time with his family

I founded Naked because I’ve always been passionate about doing my bit for the planet. While I was a manager with Royal Mail I wanted to find a business to start. It had to be something I could believe in and when I thought of Solar Panels it ticked my green box. That was way back in 2006. I started making plans, retrained as an electrician, left Royal Mail in 2008, picked up some experience in the trade while studying Solar PV in my spare time. I passed my further qualifications to become fully qualified and then accredited in 2010. Since then, Naked Solar, now Naked, has kept getting stronger, and we now have a great team delivering a service I’m very proud of.

Shelley Sampson

Shelley Sampson


Working with pretty much everyone in the company, Shelley helps keep the Operational side of things running smoothly. She also looks after all of our social media accounts so if you fancy a chat about solar, she’ll be there to help direct you. Shelley enjoys spending time with her family, making cakes and running for charity, with the next big event being the London Marathon in April.

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas

Installation team

Otherwise known as ‘T’ for unknown reasons, Andy brings a wealth of building and roofing experience to the team from years of site work. He’s also fluent in French after living there for several years. When he’s not working he can be found playing golf, surfing or on his allotment, probably growing leeks and daffodils. (He’s Welsh, you see.)

Maren Bennette

Maren Bennette

Site Surveyor

Maren came to us as a customer. After getting several quotes he chose us for his installation then, as he puts it “I liked the company so much I came to work for them”. Maren thought he was a nightmare customer as he’d done so much research. Tony said it was great to find someone who could chat about solar in such depth. Having a background in technical sales, Maren offered his services as a site surveyor and now enjoys his time meeting people and helping them choose their Solar PV systems.

Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards

Installation Manager

After putting in hard graft on the installation team for a couple of years Kyle showed he’s got the aptitude and attitude to go further. Taking on managing the installation team in the summer of 2017, Kyle took to the role like a duck to water and is certainly one to watch for the future. Recently married and with a young family, Kyle is a sharp and focused individual, a very safe pair of hands with a no-nonsense approach to ensuring that every install is up to our very high standards.


Dom Arquati

Installation team

As well as being a fanatical fisherman, Dom has some great skills in the kitchen too as he’s spent several years as a chef. He moved over to more sociable hours and has started a family with number 2 due in early 2018. Dom is focused on his new career to support his young family. If he’s not working or fishing then he’s usually cracking a joke to keep the team in good spirits.

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson

Site surveyor

Jamie has been in renewables since 2012 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which is essential when he’s helping our customers to choose the systems that are going to be right for them. Keen on surfing, often getting in the water both before and after work Jamie likes to ensure he’s in good shape for when the waves arrive so you’ll probably find him in the gym when he’s not working or surfing. To keep a good balance, he likes to undo some of this good work with visits to the pub in the evenings.

William Wagstaff

Will Wagstaffe

Solar PV System Designer

Will works closely with the Site Surveyors to make sure system proposals are suitable for your property and needs. And he discusses plans with the install team to make sure those proposals are achievable. Outside of work Will enjoys rugby, skiing, cricket and of course surfing.

Luke Livingstone


When he’s not installing Solar PV and storage or using his incredible fault diagnosis skills, Luke is busy saving lives as a retained fire fighter. To maintain his life-saving skills Luke likes to surf and, of course, he cycles to work so he’s also saving the planet. With experience in all aspects of installation, Luke is a valuable member of the team and gets great feedback from our customers.


Mat Green

Senior Site Surveyor

Mat joined in 2011, bringing a serious background in mechanical and electrical engineering. He has deep knowledge of Solar PV and Thermal systems and loves the technical challenges of surveying. When not at work, you’ll probably find Mat hanging off a rock face somewhere on a Cornish sea cliff. If you get a chance, ask about his cannon balls.