Take control and live more sustainably with solar PV & storage. Renewable energy protects all our futures. It puts power in your hands, money in your pocket and slashes CO2 emissions. The energy revolution starts with you.

Advances in solar panels and storage mean systems are now better value, longer lasting and more efficient than ever. Solar is running homes, cars and businesses across the UK and giving people control over their energy supply for the first time. You just need to know what’s out there, and what works for you.

At Naked, we work for you. Not the manufacturers. We’re not tied to any product, and we’re only comfortable installing solar when we’re certain you’ve made an informed choice.

What you can expect from us

Expert installation

We’re NICEIC accredited & go above & beyond MCS quality standards & the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

Guaranteed work

Our installers are reliable, courteous & tidy. We never sub-contract & all workmanship comes with a 10-year warranty.

Accurate forecasts

Informed choice relies on good information. We show clearly how much energy you’ll produce & what returns to expect.

Real choice

Our ‘no commission, no ties’ policy means you can compare & combine systems to source the best set-up for your needs.

Fast surveys

Convenient consultations and phone calls. We’ll email you a personalised forecast with a range of options in 2 working days.

Regular contact

From start to finish, you’re kept in the loop about options, costs and timings. No nasty surprises, no waiting around.


We believe passionately in solar & want you to feel the same way. Our honest approach has won us multiple awards.

After care

Problems are few, but if you need help, we’re always there. We treat people the way we like to be treated – with respect.

Bespoke system design

Unlike many companies, we’re trained to use the advanced PV Sol software. This allows us to accurately calculate your expected energy generation and provide meaningful forecasts that show you what you can expect to receive for the next 25 years. The forecasts cover money that will be paid to you from your energy supplier via the Smart Export Guarantee along with the savings you’ll make every day on your normal energy bills.

The software also lets you directly compare one type of panel, battery & inverter combination with another and check how suitable it will be for your property. One size never fits all and choosing the correct system could make a huge difference to your savings.

PV Sol is a complex piece of kit, taking in to account your local weather, specific panel performance, including low light and inverter performance. It also calculates the difference between panels set in to a roof and panels mounted above a roof, panel temperature variations, roof pitch, roof orientation, degradation over time, your own electrical usage habits and roof shade. We work out shading by building a 3D model to include any trees, buildings, chimneys and flues that may obstruct light to your roof. We can even model the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees – that’s how precise the software is!

Solar PV for homes.

Our survey process is quick and easy. Convenient consultations to ascertain your wants and needs, and we email your options within two working days. We’ll then work with you to ensure you get a PV installation you are happy with.  Visit our pricing page for guidance on Solar PV system prices.

Sample home forecast illustration

4kWp installations start at around £6k.  This gives an average annual return on the investment of 8-12% – much higher than most savings accounts.  And it’s a safe, guaranteed return.  On top of that you’ll also save a massive 2.4 tonnes of CO2e per year.

With advances in solar storage, the savings and independence are increasing, too. If you have an immersion heater you can generate a further £100-£200/year in savings using an immersion diverter.  Add a Solar PV battery for further independence from the grid and savings on your bill.

Give us a call on 01637 697 009 to find out what your roof can do for you.

Friendly follow up meeting

Solar PV for business?

Commercial solar surveys can take a little longer than domestic, but an average site visit normally lasts about 1.5-2 hours. We’ll get a quote over to your company within 2 working days.

However, the initial quote is by no means a final offer, and if you wish to make changes or try different scenarios we will work with you to build the exact solar PV and storage combination to meet your needs.

Solar agreement

Sample commercial forecast illustration

A 50kWp system would start from £42k + VAT. This will generate approximately £5k – £9k in benefits each year. This equates to a typical ROI of 12-25% depending on your electrical demands.

Fully funded commercial PV systems are available so you can have positive cashflow in year one.

Once we’ve carried out a site survey we’ll be able to provide very accurate forecasts for returns.  Get in touch to find out what your roof can do for you.

We explain the impact of your installation…

During the survey we always discuss the impact of a PV installation on your property including cable routes, inverter location and switch locations. Before you make a major decision like this, you need all the facts. By being open about things from the start, we avoid surprises during installation or further down the line.

…and look after you once we’re gone

We respond rapidly to any concerns you may have. Thankfully, problems are few, but if you need help, we’re always available to offer advice or tips on getting the best from your solar PV. We’ve built a great reputation across the South West by treating people the way we like to be treated.


You’re the customer, we’re the experts…

Customers often approach us with strong ideas about what panels, inverters or mounting systems they’d like. We know you’ll hear things from other companies that may contradict our advice. Challenge us and we’ll show independent evidence that we’re telling the truth. Many Solar PV companies buy huge quantities of panels to offer reduced costs to you. The problem with this is they have a vested interested in getting rid of them, whether suitable for you or not. The best panels for someone else may not be the best panels for you. We will keep extending the choice we offer, so you can rest assured you’ll get an installation that is right for your roof and your pocket. No panel left unturned.