Spread a bit of sunshine

Now you’ve discovered the secret of solar, you’re not going to keep all the sun to yourself, are you?

Whether you want to save the world or save your cash (like most of us, it’s probably a bit of both), spread the word and we all benefit. The more people move to renewable energy, the quicker costs come down and the faster we help the environment.

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A bit of motivation

If every home in the UK moved to solar energy…

Solar power in a typical 3-Bed home offsets 100,000 lbs of CO2 over 20 years. There are 25,000,000 homes in the UK. Which means we could offset 2500000000000 lbs CO2, 13% of total UK CO2e of our country. And if every roof space in the UK, including businesses and public buildings, had solar, we’d generate enough energy to:


Turn the heat up

If seeing people sunbathing on Margate beach in February bothers you, we’ve put together a list of local, national and international organisations who are working to combat global warming and provide a clean energy future for all.

Greenpeace Visit website
The Electoral Reform Society Visit website
The Democracy Movement Visit website
Privacy International Visit website
Amnesty International Visit website
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Visit website
Friends of the Earth Visit website
Fabian Society Visit website
London Cycling Campaign Visit website
Action on Smoking and Health Visit website