Solar power upgrades & accessories

These hot products help you get the most out of your solar. We can advise on whether they’re suitable for your set up. Just ask…

Immersion Optimisers

These devices divert any power going back in to the grid to devices in your property. They’re most commonly used to provide hot water via your immersion heater. Some devices have two outputs so once the water is hot they may also provide heat. They are very effective. ‘In our house, even in January we frequently have a full tank of hot water by 11am.’ Tony Sampson, MD, Naked Solar


If you’re monitoring your energy, you’re much more aware of how to make the most of it. A monitor will tell you how much spare electric you have so you can decide whether it’s time to hoover, do the washing or just turn the music up! You can also check historical data to find out when you’re winning and when you’re losing or to see if a storage battery would be right for you.

Solar Edge

Many customers who’ve had their systems a while like the idea of updating their inverter. Whether it’s coming to the end of its warranty or you just want to increase your yield then Solar Edge is worth a look. The Solar Edge optimised system is also the safest PV system on the market as it isolates each individual panel. The built-in monitoring is also very useful for checking your generation and consumption, very handy for deciding if you want to add a battery.

How often do you check your system? Well with Solar Edge you don’t have to, it does it for you and alerts Naked if there’s a problem. And with a set of diagnostic tools built in, faults can often be diagnosed and even repaired remotely, meaning no cost to you.