Solar power upgrades & accessories

These hot products help you get the most out of your solar. We can advise on whether they’re suitable for your set up. Just ask…

Immersion Diverters

Make more use of your generated energy by diverting excess in to your hot water cylinder for free hot water.  Some devices have two outputs so once the water is hot they may also provide heat. They are very effective. ‘In our house, even in January we frequently have a full tank of hot water by 11am.’ Tony Sampson, MD, Naked Solar.

These devices are a revolution as they typically pay back within 2 years, have no moving parts and can even come with their own fully system monitoring app.

  • iBoost+ comes with 2 year warranty but does not cover labour costs of replacement.   Installed for £450 including VAT @ 20%
  • Eddi comes with 3 year warranty that also covers labour.  Eddi can also be linked to other My Energi products like the Zappi EV charger and monitored through the My Energi app  also available on IOS.  Installed for £678 including VAT @ 20%.  Found it cheaper?  Check that they’re including the Hub and the Harvi to ensure you get full monitoring and remote access.
  • SolarEdge  have a range of Smart Energy products that can divert electric including an immersion diverter which will divert to one immersion diverter.  Installed for £780 (you will need to have SolarEdge Smart Energy products installed already.  For full details see our Solar Edge Smart Energy Products page.)

Solar PV immersion diverter


SolarEdge monitoring portal



Knowing what your solar is doing is very powerful.  A monitor will tell you how much spare electric you have so you can decide whether it’s time to hoover, do the washing or just turn the music up!  You can also check historical data to find out when you’re winning and when you’re losing or to see if a storage battery would be right for you.

Monitoring will also highlight if there’s any issues with your PV system and can even alert your installer so they’ll can be in touch before you even know there’s a problem.

Good monitoring systems have been a bit illusive but a few are coming to the fore.  The best ones are linked to other products like immersion diverters or inverters so the world needs a good independant solution.  Here’s the best of what’s available:-

  • Owl Energy Monitor gives some historical information.  You will have to pay a subscription after 2 years and cannot monitor your battery at the moment.
  • My Energi have a suite of products like immersion diverters and EV chargers which come with a great app which allows you to monitor and control their products, set timers and even see what your solar is generating along with what’s going in and out of your battery.  Currently, you will need either their Eddi immersion diverter or their Zappi EV charger for this to work, but My Energi are exploring a stand alone monitoring system.
  • SolarEdge inverters come with solar monitoring as standard.  Naked Solar always include the hardware required to add full consumption monitoring to your SolarEdge portal.   You can view a live example of the SolarEdge portal here using Username: Password: nakedsolar1  and you’ll also be able to control SolarEdge Smart Energy products through their portal and app.
  • Tesla Powerwall comes with full monitoring providing historical data, live feed and backup notifications if you’ve had a powercut to show that your Solar & Storage are still working.  The app also allows you to reserve some of your battery if you’re expecting a power outage and set Time Of Use parameters to make sure you make the most of charging the battery on cheap rate electric.

Solar Edge

Many customers who’ve had their systems a while like the idea of updating their inverter. Whether it’s coming to the end of its warranty or you just want to increase your yield then Solar Edge is worth a look. The Solar Edge optimised system is also the safest PV system on the market as it isolates each individual panel. The built-in monitoring is also very useful for checking your generation and consumption, very handy for deciding if you want to add a battery.

How often do you check your system? Well with Solar Edge you don’t have to, it does it for you and alerts Naked if there’s a problem. And with a set of diagnostic tools built in, faults can often be diagnosed and even repaired remotely, meaning no cost to you.

SolarEdge smart products app


Solar PV EV charging


EV Charge Points

Electric cars are no longer an underperforming worthy green novelty.  Prices are falling, performance is rocketing and now you can charge up in under an hour.

Check out our EV PV page for details of some of the EV Charge Points available on the market. Products from SolarEdge and MyEnergi also give you the option to charge your car using excess solar.