There are so many solar panels out there, many people feel overloaded with information, and uncertain of the best way forward. At Naked, we guide you to an informed choice with our simple but thorough process.

Step 1. The survey

How Naked could you go?

What solar system suits you and your property? Our experienced surveyors will help you find out.

Visits take about 1 ½ hours. We measure up, check the site and electrics and take lots of photos.

We talk to you about your needs and budget, then evaluate all options out there. Using PV Sol Professional Solar PV design software we’ll produce appropriate suggestions which are emailed to you within 2 working days.  If you want to try different options, no problem. We’ll fine-tune things until you’re entirely happy with the set up.

Step 2. The installation

Independence Day!

Home installations are normally done in a day.

Business installations can take a little longer, depending on the complexity of your site.

Where needed, scaffolding is usually erected one working day before install and removed no later than two days after.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and your power is only off for a few minutes. We’re polite and we clean up after ourselves.

Step 3. The paperwork

Not much, all recycled

We will send you your MCS certificate and final receipt. If you need any help with the forms, we’re at the end of the phone.

Just sign up with an energy supplier who will pay you for your exported electric (the stuff you don’t use).

And we supply humans, not endless menus with dead ends.