They say: ‘It’s time to declare your independence’. We agree.

They’re the market leader in Germany with over 16,000 installations under their belt, and they’re proving a big rival to the Tesla Powerwall. They’re warrantied for 10 years and you can build them up to 16kWh of usable storage – enough to power an average home for more than a day if the sun starts hiding. The Sonnen system stands out as a really flexible high quality option. With everything connected to the internet you also get automatic software updates, keeping everything efficient while you go and tend to the garden, or read a book, or run your business. In other words, once installed, you don’t have to do anything.

Community energy – the next revolution?

Along with the system, sonnen are planning to bring their sonnenCommunity to the UK. This allows you to share your energy with neighbours on a local grid. Got too much? Sell the excess to sonnenCommunity. Need a bit more? Buy it from the sonnenCommunity at very low rates.