It’s EV PV

Electric cars are no longer an underperforming worthy green novelty.  Prices are falling, performance is rocketing and now you can charge up in under an hour.

If you have solar on your property, it can fuel your car for free.

Beware there are several products on the market that claim to be Solar responsive.  Many will only respond to generation, not excess, which means you could still be using the grid to charge your car.  The only products that are truly Solar compatible that Naked Solar are aware of are listed here.  If you have other products that you believe are truly Solar compatible, please let us know.

Here’s our quick guide to the best EV-PV charging systems on the market.  Home or business, Naked can install all types of EV Charger to your solar array with minimum disruption.  Any questions, call us on 01637 697009.

SolarEdge 2 in 1 EV/Inverter

A new product from one of the world’s leading solar innovators. This revolutionary world first eliminates the need for separate wiring and inverters if you want to connect an EV charge point to your solar array.  Around £500 more than a standard Solar Edge inverter depending on your choice of inverter.

Myenergi Zappi

Flexible charger that allows you to use excess solar to power up your car. Elegantly designed, the Zappi range offers multiple intelligent controls to fine tune how you charge from eco to fast. Comes with a 3 year warranty.  Zappi installations start at £1690+VAT, including everything needed to get your My Energi app operational which includes full house energy monitoring and will allow you to link to other My Energi products.

My Energi Zappi Solar PV EV charger

Andersen EV

No messy cables. Sleek slim charge points. Industrial grade electronics manufactured in the UK and built to last. Choose from wall or floor mounted.  Only available through Andersen’s website and yes, they respond to excess solar! As a guide starting price is £1600 including installation.

Tesla Home & Business EV Chargers

Although not eligible for OLEV, nor can it respond to excess solar, Tesla’s home wall charger, available only to Tesla car owners, is fairly priced. Businesses don’t need to own a Tesla to get free destination charging points and only pay for installation. Naked are Cornwall’s only Tesla approved installer.  Buy the charger from Tesla for £460 and they’ll put you in touch for installation charges, which are typically around £1338.

No Need
For Solar!

How much to install?

Installing a charging point in your house or business usually costs around £600 – £2000 on top of the price of the system you choose. If you choose an OLEV approved product, you can claim up to £350 off the cost under the government’s OLEV scheme.

What if I don’t have solar PV yet?

No problem. If you’re thinking of going solar in the future we can install an EV charging point in your home or business, connect it to your main electricity supply and make sure the set up is compatible with solar PV systems.

How long do EV batteries last?

Lithium Ion batteries are nowadays extremely durable. Take a look at this good news story from C&C Taxis in St Austell, Cornwall. Their Nissan Leaf fleet have been really put through the paces with amazing results which show how far electric cars have come, and can go!

How to get grant funding for your EV charger

The government wants to encourage the use of electric and low emission vehicles. Which means you can get up to £350 towards the cost of your EV charge point.

For home users

You can recover 75% of the cost of the EV charger up to £350 under the OLEV scheme.

For businesses

You can recover up to 75% of the total installation cost of a maximum 20 EV charge points under the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Naked Solar are approved EV charge point installers under both schemes.