Try before you buy solar.

How can that be a thing?  With PV Sol software, Naked Solar can show you how different systems will perform either on your roof or on a ground mounted system.

So you’ve had some quotes, lots of conflicting information and you’re not sure what to expect from your Solar PV?  Naked Solar use PV Sol for every quote they produce so you can see exactly what to expect and therefore, make a fully informed choice about which system you’d like to choose.

So what does PV Sol do?

Basically takes in to account every variable to produce reports that give you accurate forecasts and help you decide which system you’d like…. and we always remember it’s your choice, we’re just here to help you navigate the hundreds of options.

3D Solar PV modelling
First things first, make a model of your situation, include trees and buildings that may cause shading (you can even let it know if the trees are coniferous or deciduous so that the difference in the winter is accurate).  By using your local weather data file, PV Sol will also know your position on Planet Earth and will know the sunpath for your location.

What about my electric consumption?
PV Sol has numerous pre-programmed electrical consumption profiles which can be tailored to you.  Work from home using a PC all day?  We can take account of that.  Planning on installing a heat-pump?  We can add that too.  Charging your EV?  Let’s add that too.  Using a dual tariff?  No problem for PV Sol.

So what about the different panels & inverters?
There are over 400 solar panel manufacturers across the world and more than 50 active in the UK at any onetime.  Along with over 100 Solar PV inverter manufacturers, there’s a lot to choose from.  Luckily PV Sol has got that covered too with a huge database that is updated almost weekly.  Knowing the performance characteristics of all those panels and inverter means PV Sol can accurately calculate how well different systems will perform on your roof, in your location.

So how do I choose which system to have?
The PV Sol reports are packed with information and Naked Solar will ensure you know how to find what you’re looking for in the reports so you can compare different systems and ensure you know what to expect from your choices.

I’ve already got solar, what about extending it?
You’ve probably guessed by now, it’s no problem.  PV Sol keeps older products available in it’s database so we can model your existing system, find panels that will fit on the remaining space and let you see how much difference they’ll make to your bills.

What about Battery Storage for my Solar?
With so many new battery manufacturers hitting the market it can be hard to choose.  Well of course PV Sol can help too as there’s a growing database of battery storage systems for Solar PV built in to PV Sol too.  So whether you’re adding a battery to your existing system or want to buy a complete battery and solar system, we can let you try before you buy.