More Power to more people – Solar Install prices are down!

Solar Install prices are down!  And this time we’re pleased to say it’s down to Naked Solar’s hard work, tenacity and commitment to bring Solar to the masses.  

As our purpose is ‘to improve faith in our industry’ we’re very excited to announce we’ve made some key efficiency gains.  Normally we’re announcing reductions in equipment costs so for Naked Solar, it’s amazing to start to make our own contribution to help bring Solar installations to a wider audience. Here’s how we did it:

1. Front Line Efficiency Improvements – Our weekly ‘Incidents Meeting’ highlights any issues that arise that either affect or could affect the delivery of our work.  This allows us to analyse and make changes that ensure jobs go more smoothly.  Since it’s introduction, front line efficiency has improved by 66%.



2. Investment in IT Systems – Perhaps the biggest area of improvement for Naked in the last year is our huge investment in to our IT Systems.  We’ve worked tirelessly to make exceptional improvements in procurement, warehouse efficiency, job tracking and booking systems, ensuring we are getting the right parts to the right people in the right places at the right time.  IT connectivity to our Accounts software helps us properly analyse our costs and make strong financial decisions. 

3. Investment In Our People – Making Naked Solar an attractive place to work means great staff retention, morale and performance. Our growing team allows us to benefit from our own economies of scale, with experts at every stage of the customer journey being able to focus on their roles with more knowledge and efficiency.

Most of all, we’re proud to have an amazing team driven to better themselves, each other and the industry, knowing that what we’re doing is the right thing to do.


4. Installer Training – All of the Naked Solar Installation Team are graduates of the Planet Maintenance Academy – ensuring the highest-quality training that exceeds industry standards. 

Skilled and confident installers are key in driving our frontline efficiency. This means customers get a more robust, longer lasting installation from people who care about customers property, respond to issues quickly and have been trained in Customer Services leaving our Customers with an enjoyable installation experience – reflected in some incredibly passionate reviews we’re extremely proud of.

5. Installation & Maintenance Hub in Exeter – Introducing a dedicated Installation & Maintenance Hub in Exeter means a more responsive service for the customers it serves.  Reducing travelling time for our install team and providing a more responsive service.

6. Fantastic Supplier Relationships – Being one of the most established Solar companies in the UK (installing since 2010) has allowed us to cultivate fantastic relationships with our suppliers based on mutual respect and trust, resulting in favourable price points we can pass on to our customers.

With accolades from the highest quality manufacturers like our Tesla Powerwall Certified Premium Installer and our Sunpower Premier Partner status, both of which are a result of deep scrutiny for quality and customer satisfaction is further recognition of our great relationship with suppliers.

Spreading the Sunshine 

We’ve already helped thousands of homeowners and businesses take back control in the face of rising energy costs – as we grow we continue to drive installation prices down, making Solar PV accessible for as many people as possible. 

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