Your Tumble Dryer Is Rinsing You….

We’ve always known using the tumble dryer is a pricey luxury, but with recent energy inflation, the cost is becoming exorbitant. And it’s so easy to underestimate.

A typical 9kg vented tumble dryer uses 5.34 kWh per full load, burning £1.54 every time you press that button. Using it once a day racks up to £562 over a year. If you’re a large family you could double or triple that.

The carbon footprint is eye-watering too – approx 2kg per cycle. Used once a day that’s a staggering 730 kg CO2e annually.

The solution? Use a clothes horse inside and a washing line outside. Cost to you per year: 0p. Cost to the world per year: 0g CO2e. That’s not Net Zero. That’s just zero.

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