The Best Low-Carbon Christmas Pudding Recipes

You don’t have to go all Grinchy and give up all your favourite stuff over Christmas, in order to get you Low Carbon halo. In fact a few little changes can make a huge difference to the impact you have on the environment, without you really noticing much.

As an example we’re focusing on the grand finale to your big day meal: the Christmas Pud. There seem to be as many recipes for this as there are atoms in the universe, but here we’re going to recommend just two – both beautiful, but with a big difference in the carbon footprint.

A plant-based Christmas pud has the following carbon footprint:

1.98kg CO2e
Each serving is equivalent to driving 0.66 miles in your average petrol car.

A traditional Christmas pud is:

a whopping 7.32kg CO2e.
Each serving is equivalent to driving 2.46 miles in your average petrol car.

The main culprits in the traditional recipe are the eggs (0.95kg CO2e) and suet (2.69kg CO2e). However, we’ve scoured the net and picked out two decadent recipes which don’t scrimp on the indulgence but do cut down the carbon, even the traditional one.

For a really boozy, rich, moist vegan pud recipe, try this:

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Pudding

If you want to stick with traditional, it’s hard to beat this recipe from the Queen of Puddings, herself. And it’s suet-free:
Mary Berry’s Suet-Free Christmas Pudding

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