Tesla Energy Plan is a Smart Move

The energy sector is on the brink of a major transformation. Smaller independent companies are challenging ‘the big 6’ and disrupting the market, offering competitive deals and bringing prices down. Consumer and government pressure to go green has also seen recent growth in suppliers offering energy from 100% renewable sources. ‘Smart power’ is changing the way we use, buy and share energy: through generating our own energy via solar panels, opting for dynamic pricing plans based on demand, and using latest technology to optimise power use.

Top of the renewable supplier list is Octopus Energy who’ve received great customer ratings over the past year, offer very generous export guarantee rates, and embrace the idea of literally giving power back to the people. Which might be why Tesla have chosen them to be first partners in their revolutionary new energy plan.

The Tesla Energy Plan Tariff is currently only available via Octopus Energy. It offers up to 75% saving on your current bills + up to £200 introductory credit against your bills. It does this by automating and optimising usage across a connected grid of all Tesla Energy Plan customers.


To qualify, you must have:

Solar panels
Tesla Powerwall

The most generous rates in the market

How much you pay:

11p/kWh import rate (much lower than the UK average of 16p).
No standing charge. (UK average, about 20p per day).

How much you receive:

11p/kWh export rate (much higher than the UK average of 5.5p).

And if you own a Tesla vehicle it’s even better…

8p/kWh import rate.
8p/kWh export rate.
no standing charge.

Join the smart revolution

It’s not just about saving money, which is always nice of course. The reason Tesla can offer such good rates is that their new platform not only optimises energy use in your home, but also balances supply and demand across its own community of users, massively increasing efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Key benefits

  • Power your home and EV with 100% clean energy
  • Support the grid when it needs it most
  • Reduce your electricity bills by upto 75%
  • Reduce reliance on the grid
  • Protect your home from power cuts
  • Be part of Tesla’s first UK Virtual Power Plant
  • Receive introductory offers upto £200

Naked Solar are not affiliated with Octopus Energy in any way and receive no commission for recommending them. We just think this looks like a superb deal for Tesla Powerwall and vehicle owners. And we want to encourage more take up of local power sharing. It’s more efficient and in the long run will lower our carbon footprint. As always though, we encourage people to make up their own mind, and do their own research to make sure this plan is right for them.


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