30kW’s of Solar installed at the Dracaena Community Centre in Falmouth, Cornwall

Naked Solar recently completed an install of 105 Q Cell solar panels on the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth. Working with various community energy suppliers we were able to supply a PV array that suited their needs to reduce electricity bills at the right price. Fal Energy Partnership (FEP) is a community energy company who have been helping the Dracaena Centre. By funding the installation, Fal Energy provide the Dracaena centre with cheaper electricity than they would get from the big suppliers meaning the centre can  then spend the money they save directly on things that benefit all the lovely people who use the centre.

Why the Dracaena Centre?

The Dracaena Centre is a charity and its aim is to create a healthy, happy, mutually supportive community in Falmouth. They offer all sorts of services from sports clubs, a cafe, a Toy Library, Special Olympics, help and advice, activities for young people and not so young people and it is used by over 120 people per day.

How it will work.

FEP will be able to claim a small feed-in-tariff (FIT) for generating renewable electricity and exporting the surplus back into the Grid. Our plan is to reinvest this money in the local community by developing more renewable energy projects like this one; it would be #ShopLocal for electricity. We think this is really important because currently 98% of the £1billion we spend each year on energy in Cornwall goes straight out of the county.

Solar Facts.

105 x 285 watt panels were installed resulting in an array of 29.9kW’s which is expected to generate over 32000 kWh’s of green electricity every year. An impressive 23% Return on investment and a 4.6 year payback makes the centre a perfect example of how solar can benefit your business or community project.

The innovative Q.ANTUM cell technology from Q Cells makes the new high performance module Q.PLUS  the ideal solution for any application. The world record cell design was developed to deliver maximum output in real weather conditions – also during low-radiation and on clear, hot summer days.


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