Cornwall Holiday Park sees “financial and environmental win” by embracing solar

Project Overview

Tencreek Holiday Park is situated in Looe on Cornwall’s stunning south coast.

Whilst boasting a number of excellent on-site facilities including a heated Swimming Pool, Bar and Laundrette made Tencreek a favourite with visitors, they were seeing increasingly high energy demands.

Rising energy costs partnered with a vision to contribute to a cleaner planet saw Tencreek reach out to Naked Solar to see if a Solar PV System would be right for them.

Naked Solar had an initial discussion with Tencreek to discuss their needs of the project as well as key information like roof space and current energy usage.

The entire experience, from the initial consultation to the final installation, was seamless and impressive. The team at Naked Solar took the time to understand our energy needs and tailor a solar panel system that perfectly matched our requirements. Their knowledge and dedication to sustainable energy solutions were truly remarkable”.


~ Henry Joce, Director at Tencreek Holiday Park

To maximise generation of clean energy, Tencreek decided to place panels on both Reception and the Bar/Restaurant area roofs.  Naked Solar’s expert design team provided an detailed report using cutting-edge PV Sol software with an accurate forecast the amount of panels that could be placed across multiple roofs.

This report also provided Tencreek with a comprenhensive  breakdown key system performance statistics, such as total grid energy replaced with clean solar energy, payback period and the first 25 years financial and environmental benefits, allowing them to make an informed choice of system design and products.


Naked Solar’s highly detailed PV Sol Report helped Tencreek understand system performance capbilities so they could make an informed decision.

Solar PV System

After Naked Solar we’re on hand to provide honest, impartial guidance on different solar solutions, Tencreek opted for the following:

309x Sunpower Maxeon 6 – 475W Solar Panels – Tencreek selected panels with the highest level of durability and best warranty which they deemed would provide them with the best Return On Investment. Sunpower Maxeon offers an industry leading 40 year Total Cost of Replacement warranty and a significantly lower degradation compared with conventional panels for exceptional reliability and efficiency.

SolarEdge SE66 3-Phase Inverter – With a solar array across multiple roofs, SolarEdge was opted for due to high level reporting, allowing  proactive monitoring of the full system’s performance.

156x SolarEdge P950 Optimiser  – When working with multiple roofs and roof aspects where shading and other factors can impact individual modules performance, SolarEdge Optimisers provided autonomy and protection, maximising generation of clean energy.


System Overview

Power generated first year 135,883 kWh
CO2e reduction per year 40,734 kg
Fist year benefit £47,268
25 year benefit £2.1 million
Payback period 4.1 years

“Since the completion of our solar panel project, we’ve noticed a substantial decrease in our energy bills. It’s great to see our business harnessing the power of the sun to meet our daily energy needs.”


“What sets Naked Solar apart is not only their technical expertise but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. They provided exceptional post-installation support, addressing any questions or concerns we had promptly and effectively. It’s evident that they genuinely care about the success and long-term benefits of each project they undertake”.


~ Henry Joce, Director at Tencreek Holiday Park