Camelford Leisure Centre

Why they came to us  

Being a leisure centre, Camelford Centre generates a large energy usage through lighting, heating and air conditioning.  The aim was to reduce their energy usage as much as possible and in turn reduce their rising energy bills. They chose to come to us to discuss their options and were in the middle of looking for funding for a 50kW system.  


How we helped  

Using our specialised PVSol Solar PV design software, we were able to show Camelford Leisure Centre a realistic design and calculation of their potential PV system. Once the centre had gone through the appropriate suggestions, they were able to make a confident decision. They chose 105 x JA Solar 340 watt panels with a Solis 30kW inverter.  


JA Solar Panels

The JA Solar range of panels have many benefits as well as being a great budget panel used by home owners and commercial customers.

  • High output power
  • Low shading effect
  • Lower temperature coefficient
  • Better mechanical loading tolerance
  • 20.2% efficiency
  • 12 year product warranty


Power generated every year 41218kWh
Return on investment 22%
CO2e reduction 8149 kg/year
Installation cost paid back in 5 years
25 year profit £220,504