Power Cut? What Power Cut?

Last Friday’s widespread power cuts leaving large parts of the UK without electricity came as a surprise to us. The first we knew was the notification that appeared on our phones from our Tesla Powerwall app.  We haven’t used the new backup gateway in anger before and were very pleased to see that our internet router was uninterrupted, our solar was still generating, our food was safe in our fridge-freezer and we didn’t need to reset the clocks on the cooker & microwave.  The whole house carried on working as it had before.

We’d love to tell you more, but there’s nothing else to say as we didn’t even realise there was a power cut until Tesla told us.  We have heard of other Powerwall owners having power cut parties and inviting their neighbours around for tea and telly!

Our home has a Tesla Powerwall with backup gateway installed, by combining Powerwall and solar panels we can power our home 24/7, even when the grid goes down.


You can read more here: Tesla Powerwall


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