Welcome to the Year of 10

From solar coaster to roller coaster

Since we switched on in 2010, we’ve been around the sun 10 times. A sun that has the potential to power everything we need, wherever we are in the world. For us, they’ve been 10 good years, installing solar systems across the South West, making a living out of helping people reduce their bills and their impact on the environment. It’s been fun, positive, forward looking and encouraging to see our company grow from 2 people to an 18-strong team of people passionate about renewable energy.

One of our biggest achievements has been surviving the last decade when so many in our industry have disappeared. Early government support through generous grants and rebates saw business boom in the first few years but when the Feed in Tariff  cuts came, it proved difficult and sales slowed until Solar PV prices dropped in line with the tariffs. We’ve always believed in what we’re doing and we’ve grown through the turbulence by trying always to be 100% honest and open in our advice to customers and in our views on the energy industry. Now it’s 2020 and Solar is now the cheapest form of energy, and awareness of our impact on the world we all live in, has further increased Solar PV installations.

The next 10 years are going to be different

It’s going to be a critical decade. The Tipping Point Twenties will see massive changes in the way we all live.

The world is reaching a point of no return. If we don’t all start acting now, global warming will escalate out of control. Once it reaches a tipping point, it will be incredibly difficult to stabilize, let alone reverse. But this year isn’t about doom and gloom and holding our hands up helpless saying ‘I can’t make a difference, so I might as well just enjoy it while it lasts’. Because there’s another tipping point going on, in direct response to global warming, chronic ocean pollution, bush fires, rampaging deforestation and mass species extinctions. 

People are waking up

Attitudes are changing as surely as the weather. Awareness is beginning to transform into action. And technology is helping us to change. Take food and packaging, for example. In the past couple of years, there’s been a significant fall in UK meat consumption, an acceptance of veganism that would have been unthinkable in 2010, and a concerted consumer push to reduce shopping waste – watch out for the rise of refills in local stores and supermarkets. Eco anxiety is now a thing. And it’s driving people to rethink how they live in fundamental and positive ways.

On the road, public transport is finally seeing mass adoption of electric vehicles. Private travel is following suit. Electric cars are getting better each month. In 10 years things could be radically different. The first mass produced driverless car is about to be launched. Will our children even bother to learn to drive? Advances in energy technology are happening at a breathtaking pace. Is no waste Nuclear Fusion around the corner? Clean fossil fuel (we’ll definitely be exploring that claim)? Serious renewable energy programmes by national governments? Will solar panel and batteries get so efficient they’ll easily offer 100% energy independence for all? Will AI save us or destroy us? We’ll be exploring all of these questions throughout the year.

A change is gonna come

The thing about tipping points is the changes leading up to them are hard to see, until we reach them. Then things can happen very rapidly indeed. We believe the next decade is a race between two radically opposing tipping points – irreversible global warming and mass upheaval, or a technology- and society-driven push to fundamentally change the way we use and view the Earth. We know which one we’re backing, even if the odds seem long at the moment.

Roll on 2030?

So this year, in celebration of our 10th anniversary, we’re looking forward to 2030, covering trends in energy, making some surprising predictions, holding live events and talks, and exploring ways we can easily change the way we live that can make us better off and healthier while also protecting the environment we leave for future generations. Oh, and we’re also giving away £1000s in 10% installation discounts in a Grand Draw at the end of the year.

We hope you join us. Because we’re not powerless. Billions of small steps can turn into giant leaps forward. It’s going to be some ride.

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