Defra Grant for Poultry Farmers – Install Solar PV

Defra’s new £22 million poultry housing grant is now open for applications. This grant aims to support farmers in England who keep 1,000 or more birds by providing funds for the replacement or upgrading of existing laying hen or pullet housing. The initiative is part of the broader Animal Health and Welfare Pathway.

Apply for a grant to add a veranda onto, or to upgrade or replace existing laying hen or pullet housing to improve animal health and welfare.

A successful project will:

  • improve laying hen and pullet health and welfare
  • increase environmental sustainability
  • introduce innovation

If your project meets all these priorities, it’s more likely to be accepted.

Who can apply:

You can apply for a grant if you’re an existing commercial egg producer or pullet rearer. You must be a registered keeper of 1000 or more birds. These must be on site when you fill in the online checker or have been within the last 6 months. Any buildings you build or upgrade with money from the grant must be located in England.

Application Process:

You’ll need to follow a 2-stage application process. Applicants are only permitted to apply for one project type: ‘comprehensive’ or ‘veranda-only’.

Read the how to apply for comprehensive projects guidance or the how to apply for veranda-only projects guidance for full information on how to apply.

Further details available here:

How much money can you apply for:

Grants can cover up to a maximum rate of 40% of the eligible costs of a project.

Solar for poultry farms:

Check out our case study on St Ewe Eggs – Owner, Richard Tonks, had huge electrical demands on his egg farm and wanted to explore ways of significantly reducing costs. He looked into solar energy as a solution, with a focus on getting the shortest payback period


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