St Ewe Eggs

Owner, Richard Tonks, had huge electrical demands on his egg farm and wanted to explore ways of significantly reducing costs. He looked into solar energy as a solution, with a focus on getting the shortest payback period


Using powerful PV Sol professional solar panel design software, we showed how much St Ewe Eggs could reduce their electricity bills and identified a solution that would give the shortest payback. Richard chose a 24kWp system. He was so impressed with the results, six months later he returned to us and installed a further 50kWp

Power generated every year 19254 kWh
Return on investment 22%
CO2e reduction
Installation cost paid back in

“The detail and understanding of the numbers presented by Naked Solar allowed me to make a good decision. Both installations went smoothly with no disruption to our operation. Naked Solar’s forecasts turned out to be slightly conservative as both systems have exceeded expectations. ~ Richard Tonks, Owner St Ewe Eggs