The Powerwall is Coming!

The news that many people have been waiting for is finally here…

The Tesla Powerwall storage batteries are confirmed for delivery to our suppliers for the middle of February.  We are aiming to secure as many units as possible but demand is high and we’re expecting the initial price to reflect that too.

Let us know if you’re super keen and we’ll prioritise you.  The initial offering is only available for Solar Edge inverter systems. Though it is possible to install with other inverter systems this would involve bringing in a second battery inverter which would reduce efficiency of the whole system.  However, all that’s set to change soon. We know charge controllers are rapidly being developed which will negate the need for a second inverter and so make the system more efficient and more affordable.

Contact us if you want more information about the Tesla Powerwall. It’s going to revolutionise the industry and make renewable energy both more efficient and more accessible to everyone in the future.

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