TESLA change the world. (Again.)

Last week, Tesla launched a product that many, including us, think is going to revolutionise the solar industry – a solar tile that is simply a part of your roof.

For a long time at Cornwall Solar Panels, one of the strongest reservations we come up against is the protest: “I just don’t like them. They’re ugly” While we quickly cover the ears of our sensitive solar panels, we do understand the point – especially for period properties. Although there are many options to help improve the aesthetics of solar PV, Tesla have made a huge leap forward with the launch of their solar roof tiles that are a complete roof replacement, and look genuinely beautiful. To demonstrate their georgeous new planet savers, they re-roofed the houses on the set of ‘Desperate Housewives’. Take a look…

And the cherry on top…

At the same launch Tesla revealed the long-awaited Powerwall 2. Twice the power, twice the storage. It should be available in the UK, early next year. Please contact us to pre-order.



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