Sun’s Out, Shirts Off, Bottoms Up…

Free case of Camel Valley bubbly for orders in August & September

On the whole, buying local means saving CO2e and it’s especially true for heavy items like beer and wine. We try to encourage good behaviour, and besides it’s sunny, so to support this we’re giving away free cases of the gorgeous, award-winning Camel Valley bubbly, whose vineyards are only a few miles away from us. So, nice & low on the food miles. The deal? Order a Solar PV or Storage System in August or September and quote ‘NAKED‘ to qualify.

Why naked? You’ll find out soon enough;

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…And CO2 down

Being a heavy item, wine can easily add up to an atmosphere-damaging product. So here’s how to keep the pressure off the planet while you take the pressure off yourself.

Buy local wine in a carton for 400g CO2e
Average wine in a bottle for 1040g CO2e
Long distance wine in a bottle for 1500g CO2e

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