Where is the best place to mount inverters?

Inverters are electric and electronic equipment so they’re best off being kept cooler. We usually recommend installing them in a garage, utility room or some models can be mounted outside. We advise that the loft is a poor place to install the inverter as they get very hot and in particular will get hottest on the day you want your inverter to work its hardest. This will reduce the output from the inverter and age its components quicker. We know that installing in the loft is easier and quicker and that the slightly shorter cable run may also have an impact. However, it’s a poor trade off as the extra loss in longer cables is more than offset by the extra production and life that you’ll get from your inverter. Another advantage of having the inverter where you can see it is that you can check that your system is working properly. Inverters have a display that tells you if everything is running smoothly. If this display is in the loft then you won’t know anything is wrong until you get the Christmas decorations out!

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