Tesla Solar Roof

Another exciting product to come from Tesla is the hotly anticipated Tesla Solar Roof. The Solar Roof is designed to replace the slate or tile on your roof whilst generating energy for your home. What makes this product special is how great it looks. Tesla have cleverly produced a panel that looks like a piece of slate!

Tesla’s Solar Roof has just become available to install in the USA, currently there is no indication the product will ever come to the UK.

Tesla Solar Roof tiles slates

How much does a Tesla Solar Roof cost?

No costs have been confirmed in the UK at the moment, but early indications are that it may be comparable in cost to having your home reroofed. So if you have a new build development, or need a new roof anyway, this could be a good option to look at.

Who will be able to install Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla have a network of Certified Installers – trusted, quality installers that install their solar products, such as the Powerwall. This network will also install the Tesla Solar Roof once it makes it over the pond. Naked Solar are proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer.

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