What we’ll need to keep our installers safe

We know you can find installers who will work off of ladders.  We prefer to look after our installers, many of whom have families at home, so we want to see them go home safely in one piece.  We also want to ensure your installation is of a high quality and having a good platform to work from enables the installers to be more effective.

If you’re supplying your own scaffold, please ensure it complies with the following:-

Tag: All Scaffold installations must be tagged.

Toe Boards: Outer toe boards on all scaffold. Platform must extend in to the building side. If it’s not practicable, then an inner toe board is required

Platform Height: Platform must be <400mm from the bottom edge of the roof fabric.

Edge protection requirements: Either, platform must extend at least 1.5m beyond the outer edge of the PV array, or, double handrail edge protection outside of the PV array edge running from eaves to ridge. If the array is less than 1m from the edge of the roof, then edge protection running from eaves to ridge will be required in all cases.

Platform length: Platform must run at least 1m beyond the sides of the PV array or to the edge of the building, whichever is shorter.

Ladder: Ladder access to the platform is preferably at the end of the platform. If access has to be on the platform edge, then a fall arrest gate must be fitted. A ladder fixed to the scaffold must be provided on all scaffold installs.

Panel Access: The panels are a max of 2.2m by 1.1m and made of glass, we need good access to get these panels to the top lift safely.  We would require either a Gin-wheel and loading area to attach a paff bag or this pole needs to be 2.2m above the scaffold platform to allow room for the Gin wheel and panel.  If you have multiple platforms to reach the top lift please provide large enough hatches for panels to fit through.

Before PV installation: Please email photos of the scaffold to at least 3 days prior to installation date so that any issues can be ironed out prior to the arrival of our installation team to ensure your install can go ahead on schedule.

Any questions please call Naked Solar on 01637 697009