Growing your business with fully-funded solar

Working with trusted Asset Management Companies we can assist businesses to transition off dirty grid energy on to locally generated, clean green energy by providing a fully funded rooftop system under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Customers get all the environmental benefits of renewable energy and only pay for the energy it consumes, at a fraction of the price of grid energy, which is guaranteed to only rise in line with RPI.

How it works

  1. You agree to lease the airspace above your roof for 10 to 25 years and enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  2. Naked Solar install a solar PV system on your roof, free of charge.
  3. You pay a below grid rate per unit of solar electricity your business consumes.
  4. Your system is monitored and maintained for 10 to 25 years, at no cost to you.
PPA V's Do Nothing

How you benefit

Free solar PV system

The solar PV system is fully funded by our Asset Management partners

Immediate savings on electricity bills

Solar electricity you consume is purchased at a cheaper rate than is available from your current energy supplier

Zero cost ‘green credentials’

A green capital route to improving your company’s environmental responsibility, enhancing relations with green thinking customers, suppliers and staff

No maintenance or insurance costs

Your system is proactively managed under a long term operation and maintenance contract, including the provision of insurance cover, all at no cost to you

Long term protection against energy markets

The unit price you pay for electricity generated by the solar PV system will only rise in line with RPI, allowing you to budget more effectively

Fully transferable

The PPA can be transferred to new occupants of the property should you move to new premises

Hear how adding solar to the WES facility in Cornwall, made perfect business sense to Andrew Hosking – CEO of WES.

This is all part of our free quoting service – no obligations, no pressure.