Gloveman Supplies Solar

Gloveman Supplies Ltd

Why they came to us  

Gloveman Supplies came to us looking for a renewable solution that included a decent return on investment for their Distribution Centre in Cornwall.


How we helped  

We introduced Gloveman to the new SunPower Performance 3 panels, which deliver up to 27% more energy in the same space over 25 years, followed by the trusted SolarEdge 10kW inverter. With 36 x SunPower P3 415 panels and the SolarEdge inverter, Gloveman will be able to get a decent ROI whilst generating clean energy to use in their workplace. 



Engineered to stand up to environmental stresses such as shading, daily temperature swings and high humidity, the SunPower Performance 3 panel delivers up to 8% more energy in the same space over 25 years compared to Conventional mono PERC Panels.

Power generated every year 16267 kWh
Return on investment 15%
CO2e reduction  3117 kg/year
Installation cost paid back in 7.4 years
25 year profit £61,906