Hello, Nansledan

You may have spotted our team hard at work in your area in the past few weeks. We’re excited to have completed the first retrofitted slate roof Solar PV install for a Nansledan resident!

Our Installation Supervisor , Dominic (1 Dor Priweythor) and his wife Katie are now proud Solar owners, harnessing the Suns energy to slash their CO2e and energy bills, now we have to put up with Dom banging on about it in the office and showing everyone his app everyday.

Our Nansledan £700 deal.

As part of our commitment to our local community (see more further down the page) we’ve run a discount scheme in Quintrell Downs, where our HQ is located recently.  Next on the list is the same deal for Nansledan residents which is close to our hearts as several of our team are proud Nansledan residents.

To support The Duchy’s Nansledan Sustainability Strategy, we’ve got a deal worth up to £700 for Nansledan Residents, more on that further down this page. (Jump to see your locals discount).

Can I have Solar on my Nansledan property? 

We’ve teamed up with The Duchy to help you understand what requirements your Solar PV installation needs to have to be approved so click here to jump to see how you can The Duchy’s guidelines).


Who are Naked Solar?

A nationally acclaimed Solar Installer on your doorstep!  We started way back in 2010, with 2 employees operating out of our MD’s kitchen.

Since then, we’ve became a trusted voice in the renewable energy industry.  In 2013 we defined our purpose as “improve faith in our industry”, meaning we put our purpose over profit, helping as many people as possible slash their energy bills and CO2e by generating their own clean energy, resulting in:

  • Delivering energy independence through thousands of Solar Installs across the South West.
  • Growing our team (locally) to support surging solar demand.  In 2023 we celebrated our 50th employee.
  • Becoming chosen Installation partners of Wainhomes & Morrish Homes.
  • In 2023 our first Hub opened in Exeter to provide a more responsive service to Devon with many more Hubs in the pipeline.
  • Proudly gaining industry recognition of our hard work with multiple Regional and National Awards.
  • Achieving coveted “Tesla Certified Premium Installer” and “Sunpower Premier Partner” status through high quality installations and excellent customer satisfaction.

What we’re doing in our community so far

  • Leave our pallets out for anyone to use, create something or just to keep warm.  You can help yourself, post your creations on our socials and win prizes.
  • Our used coffee granules are free to pick up – great for your garden.
  • Support local. We currently sponsor clubs like Newquay Hornets and Lusty SLSC.
  • Attend local career days and sponsor events for local schools.
  • Offer discounts for local people like you. (Jump to see your locals discount)
  • Raise money for charities through events like the RSPCA’s “In The Doghouse“, Macmillan Cake Days and walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks for Hemophilia.
  • Run our own educational events for the local community like our showing of ‘Racing Extinction’ at the Newquay Cinema.
  • Plant trees at Newquay Orchard.
  • Recruit locally, which keeps the CO2e of our employees commute to a minimum so if you’re keen for a job or career, please keep an eye on our jobs page for any current vacancies.
  • Work with the Department for Work and Pensions to provide training opportunities to Cornwall’s unemployed through our Planet Maintenance Academy.

Any Suggestions?

If you have any bright ideas on how we can help our local community we’re all ears!  If we implement your idea, you’ll win an amazing Solar Backpack (worth £125) to keep your phone going while you’re out and about.  Please send your suggestions to truth@nakedsolar.co.uk.

Whether it’s providing financial support or getting stuck in ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for good projects that deserve a bit of a helping hand


Naked As Employers

To keep the biggest proportion of Naked Solar’s CO2e down we employ locally as much as possible, you’ve probably seen the cyclepath full of our team walking or cycling into our office at Quintdown Business Park. This also brings us closer to our community.  We want to play our part in boosting the local economy sustainably and putting Newquay on the map as a thriving, positive place to live and work.

We’ve covered all bases with a great range of Employee Benefits and policies that led to Naked Solar being listed in Best Place to Work in Cornwall 2023 and 2024.

We continue to expand our amazing team to meet soaring demand for renewable energy across the South West, with plans to bring our first class service to the whole UK.

Your Planet needs you!

However big we grow, our headquarters will always be in Newquay.  We’re generating hundreds of exciting career opportunities here in the years to come.  So keep your eye on our jobs page for the latest opportunities to join us on our journey and be a part of the solar revolution.


Teaching local people the skills our planet needs now

The biggest barrier to combating Climate Change is the lack of people with the wide range of skills required for renewable energy deployment.

Naked Solar’s Planet Maintenance Academy™  provides members of our local community with the key skills required to tackle the climate crisis head on, helping them gain employment in a thriving industry and become another ‘Solar Superhero’ joining the fight for a cleaner planet.

We’re proud to have created the UK’s first and only Solar PV roofing training course which we deliver ourselves from our training roof in Cubert. Graduates of our Planet Maintenance Academy™  gain employment in the solar industry, either with us or for other UK Solar Installers.


People before profit

We’ve worked hard developing a company structure that gives our employees real social mobility:

The success and enjoyment of what we’re doing – bringing clean energy to as many people as possible – means a more fufiling career, and a more fufilling life.

Locals Discount – Get up to £700 off your Solar Installation!

We love seeing Naked Solar Installations on the roofs of the local neighbourhood from our meeting room or when we’re taking a walk on our lunch break. We’re proud to help deliver energy independence for our local community, and we’d be delighted to help you too.

We’re offering Quintrell Downs Residents £400 off installation of a Solar PV System over £5,000 and £300 off any battery install ordered by November 31st 2024 and installed by 30th May 2025.

Find out if solar is right for you. Just fill in your details here and we’ll give you honest, impartial guidance – we don’t take commission so there’s no pushy sales! 

Not ready to pass over your details yet?  Have a browse of our website which we’ve worked hard to pack with useful information for Newbies and Solar Experts alike.  We’re open to all feedback on our website email us your ideas for improvement.

Can I have Solar? – The Duchy’s Guidelines

 We maintain close contact with the Duchy as their chosen partner for Solar PV installations across Nansledan. Here’s their guidance for your Solar on your home:

  • Acceptable technologies – imitation slate photovoltaic panels

The Duchy recognises that there have been significant advances in technology over recent years, and in particular recent innovations in imitation slate panels.  Pilot projects conducted to date give good reassurance about the visual impact of these panels, and the Duchy will look sympathetically on applications to replace existing Cornish Slate tiles with these panels on any roof surface, whether public facing or otherwise.

  • Acceptable technologies – traditional surface mounted photovoltaic panels

The use of more traditional photovoltaic panels, mounted above the existing roof slates is permitted so long as they cover the entire roof plane, and are only installed on the private and semi-public facing realm.

  • Guidance for Garage roof Solar Installations

Garage roofs that are set back from the road, or sited in estate courtyards, and where installation of solar panels will not adversely impact the public realm, will be looked at sympathetically.

  • Guidance for Aesthetics of  Solar Installations

Any photovoltaic panels used must be grey or dark colours – silver or bright colours will not be approved.


The all black panel is the preffered aesthetic of The Duchy, delivering a sleek, elegant feels properties. We’ve already installed 114 Sunpower Maxeon all black panels for new build plots at Nansledan.

About our ‘Leaf-Let’

Print advertising typically has a CO2e 40 times higher than socials or email, so we don’t usually do leaflet drops.  However, if this leaf-let encourages 1 person to install solar the CO2e will be paid back hundreds of times over. 

Our Quintrell Downs leaflet is made from biodegradable, eco-friendly paper, embedded with Daisy, Poppy and Forget Me Not Seeds ready for planting!  When planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away.  This will further offset the impact of printing and delivering these leaflets and give you some pretty flowers to enjoy. 

For best results, plant this seeded leaflet between March and September in preparation for the following springYou can learn more about how to plant and grow your ‘Leaf-let’ here. 

Get in touch

Call: 0330 236 9650

Email: truth@nakedsolar.co.uk

Pop in for a brew: Naked Solar Ltd, Quintdown Business Park, Quintrell Downs, Newquay, TR8 4DS

Make an enquiry: Get in touch by clicking here

Jane Bennett
Jane Bennett
From initial enquiry to setting a date for work to start the process has been very prompt and professional. Great communication and explanation of works needed.
Richard Scaife
Richard Scaife
Recommended by my neighbour, I've been delighted with the responsiveness and quality of the design and installation. It doesn't just end at the installation - I had a query on the solar/immersion setup as we'd lost the boiler for hot water and was able to call and get an answer on a Saturday morning. Wunderbar! UPDATE FEB 2024 Now the VAT has FINALLY been removed by H(O)MG we pressed ahead with battery installation to complete our setup. Naked Solar were ready to go - faster than we were, but flexible with the timing - kit all installed and running really smoothly. No fuss, no bother, special thanks to the guys for such a great job....just as we received a notice from National Grid about a planned power outage. Phew!
David Evison
David Evison
System fitted in 3 days by superb and polite hardworking team. Now been working a week and working well generating energy in this not very good weather. Great to see the meter inactive and so far so saved enough during the day to use in the evening. Will get better as the light improves on longer days. I would recommend Naked Solar for a superb service prior to fitting during and follow up after completion
Pi and Chips
Pi and Chips
Really clear quote with great diagrams explaining the project
Jill Ward
Jill Ward
Had solar panels installed September this year. Great team that did the job and the electrician Reece was fantastic. Had to keep in touch with their office in the months before sorting out the best system and must give Kieran, who I mainly dealt with 5 stars. Whoever I dealt with on the phone was friendly and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend this company.
Holly Carter
Holly Carter
Incredibly friendly and efficient. Generously gave a lot of time and attention to providing us with meaningful advice. No hard sell at all. Would highly recommend.
We approached Naked Solar at a time when many companies were not responding to enquiries so were relieved when they got back to us and were able to provide us with our options for installing solar PV panels, with a battery and immersion diverter for our new build house in Wadebridge. My knowledge of solar etc. was very limited at that time, but Sam, who took the lead for our install, has been amazing throughout the whole process. The rest of the team who installed the equipment included Matt, Jack, Zach, Neil, Charlie & Rob. Nothing has been too much trouble for this team who have provided incredibly friendly, professional, and knowledgable support and advice from start to finish. We are delighted with our solar panels and battery now that they are up and running and cannot praise the Naked Solar team enough for all that they have done, and the manner in which they have done it. Well done and thank you to you all, for providing the level of customer service that we all want, but seem to seldom receive these days, along with top class products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as being fit for purpose. Naked Solar provide a service to which others should aspire to achieve and we cannot recommend them highly enough - we would not hesitate to use them again.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown
Kieran Somerfield worked hard to understand our requirement and put together a suitable proposal. Unfortunately due to circumstances we have had to put the project on hold but will return to Naked Solar as soon as time is right.
lannon rown (LJ)
lannon rown (LJ)
I didn't have a bank card with me. Was not able to to use charger. Contactless not working
The first thing that strikes you about Naked Solar when you begin researching solar installers in the far southwest is the exceptionally high quality of all their customer reviews, and this one’s going to be no different. They’re far from being the cheapest, though they’re competitive if you don’t opt for the higher end componentry that we did. They will patiently detail and specify a whole range of cost and spec options to allow you to refine the installation details for your particular needs. They design remotely using Google Earth imagery, but make a site visit once you’ve committed a small deposit, to confirm details and inspect the roof structure. I can’t speak highly enough of the installation process itself. The scaffolding subcontractors were really nice guys, and the guys (and girls) on Naked’s installation teams couldn’t have been pleasanter or more professional – unfailingly friendly, willing to explain, and respectful of our property, to the point that we missed them all when they left! It was a larger and not particularly straightforward install, but was completed in under three days by throwing three teams at the job for the first two days. Everything, from the slate work around our four recessed panels, to the external and internal cable routing, was completed to a very high standard by people who took an obvious pride in getting every detail right. Since then we’ve been delighted with the system’s performance, even during a wet November. Only two minor flies in the ointment of an otherwise perfect review – if you want recessed panels in an existing rather than a new roof that isn’t being re roofed at the time, they are very reluctant to commit their own roofers to the job (they did agree to in the end, and the guys did an outstanding job, as the photos show). The scaffolding hung around for a little longer than promised, but no doubt that’s just workload. If the after sales care proves to be as excellent as other customers say it is, we’ll be equally happy going forward. I would absolutely go with Naked another time – we used them ourselves following recommendation from friends – and can’t speak highly enough of their service so far.