Starting salary – min £22k, with structured rises to £36k + bonus.

installing solar pv panels in-roof flush mounted

Naked Solar has launched the UK’s first comprehensive Solar PV Installers course aimed at dedicated people who want to make a difference in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Previous experience is great but is absolutely not necessary. We have people from all walks of life upskilling into this fantastic profession. Note: If you’re a roofer looking to move into solar, you can fast track up our pay scales, slotting into our training programme at a level that reflects your ability. 

At the Planet Maintenance Academy, you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to install solar panels – properly. We do things the right way here, which is why we’ve been voted UK’s Best Solar Panel Installer twice in the past 6 years.


March 13th – 17th
July 10th – 14th
September 11th – 15th
November 13th – 17th


For more information, or to apply, please email


Initially, you’ll join us for an intensive five-day course as a potential employee. The course is designed to give you an insight into Naked Solar and the work the install team do on customers’ roofs. It’s an opportunity to see if a solar career is the right fit for you.

Days 1 & 2

You’re straight up onto the Naked Solar in-house training roof and learning the practical skills needed to become a competent Solar Labourer. These include: manual handling awareness; loading and unloading the vans safely and effectively; and loading out the scaffold with products and equipment ready for install. In these first two days you’ll quickly develop an understanding of how to work smoothly and efficiently with the team.

Day 3

Next you’ll learn the specific skills needed to install panels on a slate roof, such as: understanding the importance of measuring out panel arrays; how to carefully remove tiles; and the correct way to fit mounting gear, cut tiles and replace ready for the panels to be installed.

Days 4 & 5

You’re out on a real job! Join the install team as a labourer helping set up the site and assisting where necessary installing the mounting gear.


At the end of the course, successful candidates will be employed as Solar Labourers (min starting salary £22k, higher if you’ve shown you already have experience). Next you’ll progress through a 3-month training programme to build your experience, working towards becoming a qualified Level 1 Solar Installer.  Continued Professional Development (CPD) and training is scheduled into your programme. All new installers are encouraged to expand their skills working through Levels 2-5 in the Solar Installer training programme. (See table below.)



Joined: July 2022
Age: 27
Applied for: Solar Labourer/Trainee Installer
Previous job: Outdoor Activities Instructor

‘I loved working outdoors teaching people things like rock climbing, watersports and caving – but the work was very seasonal. I needed something more stable. I’ve always been environmentally conscious so joining Naked seemed like a natural progression. The training was great – having an indoor practice roof really helped. I loved that I was given the opportunity to get straight into it. Within a couple of weeks I was on customers’ roofs. There’s a great work culture here – very professional but also relaxed. It’s a nice balance. It’s a very enjoyable place to work. You get the feeling that Naked hire on attitude and character more than any related experience. Because they’re happy to teach you, if you’re eager to learn. They’re really committed to the way they do things, and it’s nice being with a company that want to do things fairly and properly.’


Joined: July 2022
Age: 27
Applied for: Solar Labourer/Trainee Installer
Previous job: Army mechanic

‘Straight out of college, I joined the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers. I was 19. After four years’ service I was ready for a new challenge. I returned to Cornwall so I could enjoy my free time surfing, do all the things my mates had while I was overseas. But to be honest, I really struggled to adjust after living such a regimented life.

So I spent the next four years doing bits and pieces, labouring, truck driving and eventually care work. I found care rewarding – it taught me patience. But the hours were harsh. I’ve always had a fascination for renewables and a desire to give back. I felt my background could be a perfect fit with Naked. I love the sociable hours, the structure, the banter, working in a team to get things done. And everyone’s approachable here. You have to graft, but there’s loads of incentives. I’m going to the training roof next week to try to move up a scale. Can’t wait.’


You’ll learn on the training roof and on active jobs. If you like a good day’s graft, can handle being out in all weathers, are keen to progress, and share our passion for solar energy, you have a great career ahead of you.

We want you to be the best you can be. So as you work with us, you can expand your skills with training and courses internally and externally. Every month, you get the chance to prove what you can do with our competency speed tests. The better you become, the more you’ll earn.

Solar PV Labourer £22k – £24k depending on experience.

Solar PV Roof Installer: £25k – £36k + bonus, depending on ability.

Level 1 Competency test speed <8 hrs no more than 6 minors + carry out DC cable installation, consistently uploads photos and raises incidents correctly £25k
Level 2 Competency test speed <5hrs no more than 4 minors + Optimiser fitting & inverter commissioning course/experience. £27k
Level 3 Competency test speed <4:20hrs no more than 3 minors + GSE & Low ballast course/experience. £29k
Level 4 Competency test speed <3:40hrs no more than 1 minor + Basic problem solvers course/experience.  £32k
Level 5 Competency test speed < 3hrs no minors + Advanced problem solving course/experience. £35k

Other increases

RISO fault investigation course/experience: +£1k

Competency speed test bonuses  + up to £2k per annum


Heavily Subsidised Solar Installation

Upto 38 Days’ Holiday Per Year

FREE Vitality Health Insurance

FREE Vitality Travel Insurance

In-house & External Training

Team Days & Events

Team Reward Trips

Structured & Flexible Career Progression

Monthly One-to-Ones

Pension Scheme

Subsidised Gym Membership

Free Christmas Party (including the booze)

Cycle to Work Scheme

And You’re Saving the World